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Orbitz Seeks Easier and Faster Booking

At a time when the vast majority of
travelers say location and price are integral factors when booking
online(1), launches an enhanced Hotel Matrix Display that
offers users industry-leading interactive maps and city neighborhood
descriptions for faster and easier booking. Orbitz’s new “Neighborhood
Matrix” offers travelers the unique ability to compare hotel search
results on a detailed and user-friendly map that highlights each hotel’s
location, neighborhood description, price and star rating together on one
screen. “For many travelers, the perfect hotel is located in just the right area
of town, but no travel site was making that information easily
accessible,” said Kurt Weinsheimer, Orbitz vice president of Hotels.
“Orbitz is committed to making travel easier and faster for our customers
by providing important details up-front in the search process so users
save time while finding the right hotel.”

With Orbitz’s Neighborhood Matrix, travelers no longer need to scroll back
and forth on a page to find a hotel, which is necessary on other travel
web sites. After conducting a hotel search, Orbitz users will see the
Neighborhood Matrix results with up to twenty hotels plotted on a detailed
map. By rolling over the hotels on the map with their mouse, customers
will view a pop-up box with the hotel’s name, as well as see the lowest
available price and the hotel rating for that property. Selecting a hotel
will show users more details, including the neighborhood characteristics
near the hotel, and move it to the top of the search results page for easy
reference. In addition, the compact nature of beach and ski resort areas
are reflected in unique search capabilities for them, such as “on the
beach,” “across the street from the beach,’ “slopeside,” “walk to the
slopes,” etc.

Users can view descriptions of the neighborhood, including key shopping
sites, museums, historic landmarks and entertainment facilities, allowing
them to select the perfect location for their trip. Currently available in
20 of Orbitz’s most popular domestic destinations, Orbitz plans to add
additional neighborhood maps to domestic and international cities over the
next six months. Customers can take a tour of the neighborhood matrix at .

“The Neighborhood Matrix is especially helpful for first-time visitors who
need insight into a city’s different neighborhoods to help them pick a
hotel, or for those who know they want to stay in a specific area, but
aren’t sure what hotel options are available,” adds Weinsheimer.

Greater Savings, Better Visuals


To provide customers with better visual information as they shop for
hotels, Orbitz has added approximately 50,000 new hotel photos and 2,000
new virtual tours.

In addition, Orbitz has worked with more than 100 participating hotels
nationwide to provide special offers on the site, including complimentary
parking, breakfast, room upgrades and other benefits, many exclusive to
Orbitz users.