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BII Supports UK Licensing Change

Today will make history for the twenty-two billion pound hospitality
industry in England and Wales. From today, licensees will have to apply to
their local authority for their personal and premises licences and work
within a new legal framework. Throughout the run up to today, the BII, the professional body for the
licensed retail sector, has actively represented its members and the wider
licensed retail industry in Government forums. This work will continue
throughout the transitional period to influence the new legislative
framework making it workable for licensed retailers.

The BII has run a programme of conferences, seminars and produced
publications to ensure that both members and non-members are kept informed
about the changes and the relevant action required of them. This will
continue throughout a transitional period (expected to end on the 7th
November 2005) to ensure that members and the wider industry are supported
during transition.

The licensing reform agenda will bring new rights and accountabilities for
the industry. To help members understand these the BII offers its members
support by providing access to ‘PAPA’ and three free helplines. ‘PAPA’ is
a new ‘online’ licence application service, which guides licensees through
the complexities of applying for personal and premises licences. ‘PAPA’ is
provided by leading licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen and is offered
to BII members at an exclusive discounted rate. The BII has also set up a
free dedicated legal helpline devoted to questions relating to the
licensing act. This will be available for members and details will be
published on the BII website.

BII Chief Executive, John McNamara CMBII said: “Licensed retail is a
highly regulated, highly complex business. I take nothing for granted and
know that implementation of the licensing regime will be a dynamic process
and there will be problems along the way. The BII is committed to
supporting the industry in meeting its responsibilities in the new era.”