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AMEX Responds to Entry of Proclaimed New GDS Technologies

American Express today released a statement on the recent entry of proclaimed new technologies to the existing distribution infrastructure, the global distribution system (GDS).Ê American Express’ position is as follows:

ÊAmerican Express is actively monitoring the emerging activities of recently “proclaimed new technologies” as they work towards creating a distribution alternative.ÊÊ

Customer advocacy is paramount to American Express.Ê Keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront, we acknowledge that the current GDSs’ represent the most comprehensive access to content for our clients.Ê While we understand some suppliers are actively promoting these new technologies to lower distribution costs, we must first ensure that any such alternate distribution vehicle does not increase our customer costs, reduce the full content search process, or negatively impact client program management and data capture.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ

The current new technologies are in “production” and “evolving” and do not have the total access or efficiency of existing GDSs’, but we will continue to monitor the situation. ÊÊÊÊ