Breaking Travel News and Qtel launch Dynamic Mobile Service has tied up with Qtel, the official GSM service operator in Qatar, to launch “Freedom”, a dynamic dedicated mobile portal offering hi-tech mobile services, to Qtel’s customers via SMS enabled mobile phones. The service supports Text alerts and SMS messages in both Arabic and English languages. The Mobile Portal itself is currently in English but will soon be available in Arabic as well.The extensive portfolio of services available on the mobile portal includes Breaking News, Business Headlines, Horoscope, Jokes, Entertainment and Sports Headlines via SMS, and also services to personalise the mobile phone like Ring-Tones, Picture Messages and Operator Logos.

The new Freedom Mobile Portal, allows Qtel’s mobile customers to subscribe via the web to a suite of advance SMS and Text alert services. The Mobile Portal has been built and designed based on’s advanced Wireless Platform and will be powered by Qtel in terms of Marketing, subscription and billing. The portal uses advanced technological innovation from Acotel. Acotel is the leading European wireless application service provider and it acquired a 100 per cent stake in Info2cell in 2003.

Speaking on the launch of the new service, Sheikh Fahad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, Acting Executive Director, Wireless Services, Qtel explained: “Qtel is aiming to become a leading service provider in the region. We are driven by the needs of our customers and are focusing on offering innovative value-added services to these customers. Driven by the growing trend to use the mobile phone as a personal information management system, the new portal extends the mobile phone’s usefulness from being just a communication device to also being a news and information provider and a means of entertainment. By offering this service, we will ensure that our customers stay up-to-date with news and events as they occur across the region, as well as being able to personalize their mobiles with the latest Ring-Tones and Picture Messages”.

“Qtel’s selection of to design, develop and manage the Freedom Portal endorses our reputation as the premier wireless information service provider in the region”, said Bashar Dahabra, Founder and General Manager, “Moving Internet content from the web to a mobile phone is not an easy task. Mobile phones have smaller screens and limited memory capacity, restricting the amount of data that can be sent and received. Further, we have to guide users who are limiting the use of mobile phones for the purpose of voice calls only, to the use of multi-media services offered by the mobile portal.”

The new portal is expected to jazz up the mobile phone scene in Qatar, by delivering a wide range of dynamic and innovative services. The service targets the 400,0000-plus Mobile customers in Qatar, especially those in the 18-35 age-group. It will be launched in two phases with the service being available to Qtel’s Post-Paid customers from launch, and with service extended to Qtel’s Hala customers later this year. The mobile portal supports a fully integrated billing system, enabling Qtel to provide detailed billing information on the use of value-added services. The mobile portal has a solid customer care module, enabling Qtel customer care agents to respond to any queries including service provisioning and change of language. In addition, customers can go to any of the eight Qtel showrooms and service centres across Qatar to subscribe to the mobile portal’s services.


Qtel’s customers can log on to the Mobile portal website with their mobile phone numbers and personalized passwords to access an entire range of services, including customisation of their Text Alerts, adding Mobile Calendar Reminders, downloading Ringtones, Picture Messages and Operator Logos. The new website, is fully customizable and has an efficient site navigation system which means that customers can view the information they need, wherever they are.

“The Freedom Portal allows subscribers to the service to customise their text alerts and calendar reminders the way they need it and when they want it. Alerts can be customised based on keywords or to be delivered within a specific time window,” Dahabra added.

Info2cell’s Wireless Platform technology enables delivery of content to any wireless device using SMS, MMS and WAP. The Freedom Portal is powered by Info2cell’s recently launched Multi Media Mobile Server to offer Qtel’s mobile customers a large library of Arabic, English and Multi Media Content and Ring Tones to choose from. The mobile portal will support monophonic Ringtones in the first phase and polyphonic Ringtones, as well as MMS and Java Games in the second phase.

The portal’s ‘push’ service keeps customers updated with the latest news and events across the Middle East via the SMS Breaking News service. This service has proved to be one of the most successful Mobile Channels in the Middle East region with over 100,000 active mobile subscribers. The customer is also offered a variety of additional channels to choose from ranging from sports, business, entertainment, women’s section and a dedicated Arabic entertainment news channel. Subscribers to the service can customize their personal settings to select their preferred times to receive these updates.

“We plan to add a host of new services to the mobile portal to make it the first choice among Qtel mobile phone customers to receive as well as send messages. The professional standards adhered to by ensure that customers benefit from the use of cutting edge technology in addition to getting excellent value for money. We expect the portal’s subscriber base to reach 25,000 within the next six months”, added Dahabra.

Info2cell has successfully launched four similar mobile portals with MTC in Kuwait, Etisalat in the UAE, MobiNil in Egypt and Batelco in Bahrain.