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Bonaire raises US$35000 for tsunami relief effort

In a joint fundraising effort, the small Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire raised over US$35,000 to provide aid to victims and survivors of the tsunami in Asia last month. The funds were raised with the assistance of all of Bonaire’s radio stations, and ended in a big fundraising event on Saturday January 15th in downtown Kralendijk. The entire community worked together under the name Hand to Hand Tsunami Fundraising.The funds raised will go directly into the affected areas in Asia, with 100% of the raised money being distributed - no costs are being charged against the raised funds. The purpose of the Hand to Hand Tsunami Fundraising organisation is to give structural help to the surviving victims of the tsunami, in particular the children.

The organisation expects the funds to increase further in the coming weeks due to on-going donations and fund raising efforts.

In addition to raising an exceptional amount of money for a charitable cause on this small island, the effort over the past weeks has also significantly helped raise awareness for the devastation caused by the tsunami.