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Southwest Respectfully Declines DFW Incentive Offer

After carefully considering the
incentive package recently offered by DFW International Airport, Southwest
Airlines says the offer does not override its preference for Love Field
and has decided to respectfully decline the offer. The incentive package, sent to a comprehensive list of 45 airlines, does
not fulfill Southwest’s commitment to continue offering its Customers the
high frequency, low fare Customer Service which it originated at Love
Field in 1971. DFW was not designed for Southwest’s unique, non-hub,
operating style of high frequency, point-to-point flights that are
dependent upon high Employee productivity and efficient utilization of
assets, and is not the type of airport it historically chooses to serve,
when it has a choice. The Southwest model, built in its earliest days at
Love Field, however, has translated very well to other carefully selected
markets and airports over 33 years. Southwest does not feel it would be a
good, sound business decision to now abandon a Love Field model that has
allowed Southwest, alone among major carriers, to sustain 32 consecutive
years of profitability while consistently offering Customers the lowest
fares in the market and its Employees total job security. Furthermore,
splitting Southwest’s operations between Love Field and DFW would have the
inevitable consequence of causing a further loss of passengers at Love
Field—which is steadily declining.

Southwest’s 33-year history is proof positive that when fares decrease,
passenger demand (traffic) increases for all airlines. Southwest continues
to believe that Southwest’s positive impact on lowering airfares within
the Metroplex from an unfettered Love Field will stimulate demand for air
travel at both Love Field and DFW airports. North Texas is best served by
DFW continuing to act aggressively and creatively to attract additional
airlines to this market, rather than to wage an expensive battle against
Love Field, hometown airline competition and consumer fare savings.

Southwest continues to support the Love Field Master Plan which caps the
number of gates at Love Field at 32. The Master Plan was designed to
ensure that growth at Love Field is not a burden to either DFW or the
neighborhoods around Love Field.