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DFW in Discussions to Fill Gates in Terminal E

International Airport announced today that multiple airlines had formally
indicated an interest in its financial incentive program designed to fill
the 22 gates in Terminal E. On January 6, 2005, the Airport offered an
aggressive multi-million dollar incentive and stimulus package to all
major U.S. air carriers to initiate or expand service at DFW. The plan
includes financial aid and other incentives totaling between $10 and $22
million. “We see this as a positive first step in filling these gates and we look
forward to more discussions with these airlines,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO at
DFW. “Although there is no guarantee, we hope that these discussions
ultimately lead to a formal lease agreement with one or multiple carriers.”

“Our team believes that bringing new or expanded service to DFW is
important to North Texas passengers,” said Max Wells, Chairman of the DFW
International Airport Board. “Our board is committed to bringing more
choices and competition to our Airport and this package is doing its part
to make that a reality.”

“This incentive offer is not only designed to fill the huge economic loss
as a result of Delta’s elimination of its hub but also to unify North
Texas behind the economic engine which will continue to serve our
passengers as was originally envisioned by Dallas and Fort Worth,” said
Kevin Cox, DFW Chief Operating Officer.

The Terminal E opportunity is a result of Delta’s decision to de-hub its
operations at DFW, which will be completed January 31. That move will cost
North Texas more than 7,000 jobs and nearly $800 million in annual

Due to the competitive business environment, DFW will keep its discussions
with prospective airlines confidential.