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Avis Upgrades Rental Check-In

Sapient today announced it has helped Avis Europe launch its newest customer service initiative aimed at streamlining the car return process and delivering an overall better rental experience.Ê The initiative is designed to help Avis improve customer satisfaction and enhance its reputation as a leader in its industry, whilst also delivering further cost efficiencies.

Sapient designed and built a wireless solution that allows Avis check-in agents to process vehicle inspections, record damages, calculate any additional charges and print receipts directly from a Bluetooth-enabled handheld device.Ê The solution, which reduces the return experience to under a minute, has already been successfully adopted in many of Avis’ busiest rental locations, including major airports across Europe.Ê Another benefit of the solution is that check-in agents can now print receipts in up to seven different languages, further improving the service Avis offers its customers.Ê

Avis Europe’s Operations Director David Russell said, “We are extremely proud of the impact that this solution has already made to improving the service we offer our customers.Ê From the beginning, Sapient understood what was required to help us ‘raise the bar’ on customer service and achieve our business goals.Ê As a result of their ability to combine travel industry, technology and design expertise, the right solution was delivered in under five months, accelerating our return on investment.”

In addition to processing car returns faster and more efficiently, Avis now has the ability to ensure customers are fully aware of all charges incurred as soon as they drive up to return their cars.Ê As a result, Avis expects to build customer trust, whilst also achieving cost savings through more efficient damage tracking.

Sapient was able to accelerate the design and launch of the solution by leveraging its unique business model, which combines a fixed-price/fixed-time approach with its Global Distributed Delivery capability.ÊÊ


“We are pleased to have played a role in helping Avis stay at the forefront of customer service.Ê Last impressions are key and by allowing check-in agents to complete the entire transaction - including damage claims - literally seconds after the customer drives up, Avis has made the customer’s entire experience more satisfying,” said Sapient Vice President Richard Autherson.