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Frontier Partner with Caribou Coffee

In an effort to deliver on its
promise to be a “Whole Different Animal” in every aspect of the customer
experience, Frontier Airlines has partnered with Caribou Coffee to bring
travelers a whole different in-flight coffee experience. Recognizing that
the bar for airline coffee was set fairly low, the two companies decided
it was time to push the boundaries of the in-flight coffee experience by
offering a quality of coffee that matched the rest of the product that
Frontier offers passengers with its new Airbus aircraft, 33 inches of leg
room and 24 channels of LiveTV. Frontier felt that there was no reason
that passengers couldn’t feel as if they were sitting in a cafe, or their
living rooms, with a great cup of coffee, a comfortable seat and a TV to
watch, while they travel across the country. To that end, Frontier and Caribou selected a special blend of beans from
the countries of Sumatra, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala to create a
unique in-flight coffee that would reflect the dedication to excellence
and customer service that both Frontier and Caribou embody. Frontier uses
39,000 pounds of coffee every year to serve its approximately eight
million annual passengers. With 4,000 beans to every pound of coffee, this
means that Frontier turns about 156,000,000 beans into 3,120,000 cups of
coffee annually.

The new relationship is part of Caribou’s first expansion into the Western
U.S. Caribou has 306 retail shops across 12 states and Washington D.C.,
but none are further west than North Dakota currently. The new
relationship with Frontier represents the front end of a focused expansion
for Denver and Colorado with several large corporate accounts in the
works, as well as plans for the expansion of Caribou’s popular retail
stores slated for the second quarter of 2005 in locations throughout the
Metro Denver area.

“Frontier is the perfect partner to introduce us to the Colorado
community,” said Michael Coles, CEO of Caribou Coffee. “Whether its
airplanes or coffee, Frontier and Caribou share the same dedication to the
quality, integrity and value of our products, and we recognized very
quickly what a great association our new Denver customers would have if we
were to align ourselves with Denver’s hometown airline. We know that
Denverites have a discriminating palate, and we are eager to put our
product to the test with Frontier’s passengers as well as all of our new
customers as we make Denver the first stop of our Western expansion.
Denver—get ready for an amazing cup of coffee!”

“Frontier holds every aspect of our product and our business up to the
test of whether we are offering the best we can offer to our customers,”
said Andrew Hudson, senior director of marketing and communications for
Frontier Airlines. “With Caribou, we are confident that we can answer that
question with a resounding ‘yes!’ when it comes to our coffee. We are
thrilled to introduce Caribou to our hometown and we are equally excited
to offer this quality product to our passengers.”