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Sanibel’s Signature Collection Re-opens With New Looks

Sanibel’s Signature
Collection—Sundial Beach & Golf Resort, Sanibel Inn, Song of the Sea
and Sanibel’s Seaside Inn—re-open with refreshing new looks and special
“Welcome Back” rates following extensive renovations. Guests discover the
natural adventures of Sanibel Island, from sandy strolls along 14 miles of
shell-laden beaches, sunrise kayaking trips in the tranquil Gulf tides and
exploring 23 miles of hiking and biking trails, to escapades for tamer
tastes, including shopping at rare boutiques and dining at intimate
eateries. Partially re-opened, Sundial Beach & Golf Resort, Sanibel Island’s number
one family beach and golf resort, offers a 25 percent savings on
condominium accommodations while the main resort building undergoes
renovations. The complete re-opening of the resort is slated for May 1,

Sanibel Inn—an island hideaway where nature meets the sea—opens
doors with environmental-inspired interiors. Warm-toned bamboo flooring
along with a palette of grass green, sea blue and golden wheat adorn each
of the 68 hotel rooms and one-bedroom suites.

Song of the Sea—Sanibel Island’s intimate seaside retreat with romantic
ambiance—seduces couples with captivating amenities and soothing
interiors that are reminiscent of a 1940’s love story.

The idyllic beach vacation comes alive at Sanibel’s Seaside Inn—
offering a touch of Olde Island charm in 32 quaint hotel rooms and
cottages with interiors inspired by a 50’s retro flavor.

Named one of the “Top 10 North American Islands” by Conde Nast Traveler
and acclaimed as one of “Florida’s Top 10 Beaches” by the Travel Channel,
Sanibel Island is preserved in an amazing aquascape of natural beauty with
more than 70 percent of the land remaining undeveloped.


Sanibel Island is only 19 miles—yet a world away—from the new
Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. To experience
Sanibel’s Signature Collection and the “Welcome Back” rate, call (888)
4-SANIBEL or visit