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Grenada tourism board to tour UK in June

Grenada has reported that overall tourism arrivals fell four per cent last year with UK arrivals falling some 14.7% to 28,371 over 2003.

A further fall of five per cent is expected in UK business this year while overall traffic is predicted to drop by four per cent.

There has been increased activity however in the cruise sector. A new cruise pier opened on Dec. 16, meaning that cruise ships now have their own dedicated arrival point which is not shared with cargo ships. A very favourable notion.

It also means Grenada can now accept “mega-ships”.

Grenada’s minister of tourism, Brenda Hood, claimed cruise business was 69 per cent up on this time last year.


Last year there were 216 ship calls while from Jan-Apr this year 175 calls are planned, bringing in more than 206,000 passengers.

“It is a different experience for people who have been before. We are hoping that by the end of the year, we should be back to where we were pre Ivan.”

Grenada plans to re-launch itself to the UK market in June and organise a series of trade educationals.