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Marriott Chooses BodyWedge 21 Exercise Wedge

Marriott International announced today
that health-conscious consumers and business travelers will now have an
opportunity to continue their exercise routine in the privacy of their
rooms at most Marriott and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts in North America
using the BodyWedge 21 exercise wedge. The new complimentary in-room
program called “Great Health - Fit For You” offers Marriott hotel guests
the option of maintaining their daily fitness routines in the privacy and
convenience of their hotel room using the latest in fitness and exercise
tools, including the BodyWedge 21. By following the 21 exercise icons
printed on the exercise wedge, hotel guests can get a complete body
workout in just 21-minutes. Two additional fitness tools will also be
offered as part of the hotel chain’s fitness program including the
BodyRev and Michael Sena’s Traveling Trainer. The fitness program will
be offered at all full-service Marriott and Renaissance hotels in North
America beginning in late January. The BodyWedge 21, a foam wedge surrounded by a silkscreen protective
cover with clear icons of 21 body exercises, is currently being used at
numerous fitness centers nationwide for group exercise classes and by
personal trainers. An inflatable version was recently introduced for
consumers and business travelers who can’t get to the gym but have a
desire to maintain a rigorous fitness workout and healthy lifestyle.

“I am very excited about Marriott’s decision to include the BodyWedge
21(TM) as part of their Great Health - Fit For You” fitness program,” says
Richard Decker, owner and inventor of the BodyWedge 21, who created
the fitness wedge while recovering from rotator cuff surgery. “Of all the
benefits the BodyWedge 21 provides to its users, versatility is
probably its most valuable asset.

It can be used in place of, or in conjunction with, the exercise ball,
incline bench, decline bench, or Step & Bosu. It is this level of
versatility that makes the BodyWedge 21 a viable alternative to
travelers and Marriott hotel guests,” Mr. Decker added.

The BodyWedge 21(TM) was designed to keep exercise simple, fun and
rewarding. The unit’s versatility allows users to work their abs,
buttocks, thighs, arms, chest and lower back in as little as 21 minutes.
It can be used by itself, using your own body weight and strength for
resistance, or can be used in conjunction with free weights and exercise
bands for a more intense workout. By using the BodyWedge 21 as part of
an overall exercise routine, users can expect to increase their strength,
balance and flexibility and with its endorsement by fitness experts and
certified trainers nationwide, consumers can use it with confidence.

The “Great Health - Fit For You” Program is a component of The New Look
and Feel of Marriott Now, a fresh approach influenced by the world’s
foremost innovations in design, technology, culinary expertise, service
and comfort. Guests will begin to experience this evolution across
Marriott brands this year, in new hotel designs, exotic destinations,
enhanced fitness centers, sumptuous spas and expanded culinary offerings,
as well as new luxury bedding.


Guests of Marriott and Renaissance Hotels & Resorts may purchase their own
BodyWedge 21 fitness wedge at the front desk of the hotel or resort.