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Midwest Says Announcement Has No Bearing on Growth

Midwest Airlines said today
that an announcement by the Boeing Company that it expects to discontinue
manufacturing Boeing 717-200 jet aircraft in mid-2006 has no bearing on
the airline’s continued growth. Midwest Airlines currently operates 17
Boeing 717 aircraft and has a firm order for eight more. “There are a number of aircraft that meet our current and future needs,”
said Timothy E. Hoeksema, chairman and chief executive officer. “Going
forward, we will be assessing our alternatives and also determining
whether we want to exercise any of the options we are holding on 717s.”
Midwest holds options for 25 additional 717s.

Hoeksema added Midwest Airlines has been delighted with the performance of
the 717 aircraft. “We don’t expect any diminished level of support from
either Boeing or its vendors as a result of their decision. Boeing has
assured us and the other operators of the 717 that it will continue to
support the aircraft with exceptional customer service in perpetuity.”

At present, Boeing 717s are operated by nine airlines in seven countries.