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Worldspan Rapid Reprice Processes Category 33 Rules

Worldspan today announced that
Rapid Reprice now accesses a wider-than-ever
selection of rules, including ATPCO Automated Rules Category 33,
“Voluntary Cancels.” Carriers utilizing Rapid Reprice can file their
refund policies under Category 33 and are confident that transactions in
which passengers voluntarily cancel purchased tickets will be fast and
accurate for consumers and airlines.

Rapid Reprice empowers airlines to experience greater efficiencies and
cost savings opportunities by automating the time-consuming process of
repricing tickets when itineraries change. Previously, ticket agents had
to manually research and calculate rules, penalties, refunds and more, on
the millions of airline tickets that are changed each month. With
easy-to-use Rapid Reprice, exchange transaction times have been reduced
from 30 minutes to less than one minute, dramatically improving customer
service by enabling airlines to increase the volume of reissued tickets
while accurately collecting or refunding the correct amounts.

“Backed by the strength of our fares and pricing foundation, Rapid Reprice
enables our airline customers to take advantage of technology that
positively impacts revenues. At the same time, these airlines are
significantly enhancing customer service and building loyalty by ensuring
consumers can quickly make their ticket changes and be on their way,” said
Ninan Chacko, senior vice president—e-Commerce and Product Planning
for Worldspan. “Rapid Reprice, now with the capability to process
Category 33 rules, continues to be the leader in delivering the most
advanced and powerful ticket repricing solution in the industry.

“This is a great start to the new year for our ground-breaking product,
which closed 2004 having processed in excess of 12 million ticket
exchanges - more than doubling the number of transactions from the
previous year,” added Chacko. “Airlines are clearly recognizing the
benefits and cost savings generated by Rapid Reprice, and we are committed
to ensuring our solution remains ahead of the curve through continued
advancements this year and beyond.”

With the ability to manage Category 33 rules, Rapid Reprice marks another
achievement in Worldspan’s history of being the first in the industry to
process certain automated rules categories, resulting in more accurate
transactions and faster ticket exchanges. This advanced solution is also
the industry’s first to store an unprecedented 13-months of historical
fares and rules data, further strengthening the accuracy and scope of the