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BAA Airports Handle Record Number of Passengers

BAA’s UK airports handled 140.1 million passengers during the calendar year
2004, an increase of 6.9% on 2003. It is the first time BAA’s 7 UK airports
have handled in excess of 140 million passengers during a calendar year.Traffic also performed strongly during the calendar month, increasing 4.6% to
10.5 million passengers in December 2004. The tragic events arising from the
south Asian tsunami occurred late in the month and had a negligible impact on

Calendar year

Among individual airports strong performance was recorded for the full calendar
year 2004 compared with 2003. Heathrow recorded a 6.2% increase to 67.1 million
passengers, Gatwick a 5.0% increase to 31.4 million, Stansted a 11.7% increase
to 20.9 million and Southampton a 25.7% increase to 1.5 million.

At BAA Scotland, Glasgow passenger numbers rose 5.5% to 8.6 million, Edinburgh
added 7.0% to 8 million passengers and Aberdeen increased 5.0% to 2.6 million.

During the calendar year air traffic movements increased 3.8% to 1.21 million
while cargo increased 7.7% to 1.8 million tonnes.


December traffic

Among individual airports in December 2004 compared with December 2003,
Heathrow increased 2.5%, Gatwick 8.1%, Stansted 4.6% and Southampton 6.8%. In
Scotland, Glasgow passenger numbers rose 7.3%, while Edinburgh increased 6.9%
and Aberdeen 8.6%.

In December long haul services (excluding North Atlantic) recorded the highest
gains, increasing 9.4%, followed by domestic markets which increased 6.2% and
European scheduled markets which increased 5.1%. The North Atlantic market fell
1.2% and European charter markets fell 2.9%.

Air transport movements rose by 3.0% in December while cargo increased 9.0%.