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BA Launches Its Richest Ever Frequent Flyer Bonus

British Airways is offering a
cornucopia, a treasure trove, a veritable motherlode of frequent flyer
miles for new and existing Executive Club members who fly the North
Atlantic in First class or Club World during the airline’s best ever bonus
mile promotion. Any Executive Club member living in the United States or Canada who
registers online at and then completes at least one
transatlantic round-trip in First class or Club World between January 13
and April 30 will earn a minimum of 50,000 regular and bonus miles. That’s
enough to earn two free economy roundtrips within North America (excluding
Hawaii) on partners American Airlines, America West Airlines or Alaska
Airlines. Or, make more transatlantic trips and let the points add up to
even bigger rewards: like economy roundtrips to Hawaii or Europe or
anywhere else in the world British Airways or its partner airlines fly.

And there is no limit on how many times members can earn the special bonus

“There aren’t enough superlatives to describe this promotion,” says
Elizabeth Weisser, Vice President Marketing for North America. “We want it
to be over the top. We want to give our Executive Class members a huge
inducement to enjoy the comfort of British Airways’ completely flat beds
in First class and Club World and sample the tremendous benefits of the
program, including redemption opportunities on our domestic and global
partner airlines.”

For each transatlantic round-trip or two transatlantic one-way trips,
Executive Club members will be credited with 40,250 bonus miles in
addition to the miles they would normally earn. That’s more than 50,000
miles in total per roundtrip or two one-way trips. Travel from all 22
British Airways gateways in North America is eligible.

Two transatlantic round-trips in Club World will earn more than enough
miles for two free economy roundtrips to Hawaii and three roundtrips in
Club World will earn enough for a pair of roundtrips to selected points in
Europe, including Italy and Spain.


Why 40,250 bonus miles and not 40,000?

The additional 250 miles happens to guarantee a minimum of 50,000 miles
per transatlantic roundtrip, no matter the Executive Club member’s point
of origin in North America, status within the program or class of service
in which he or she travels. A Blue level member traveling in Club World
from Montreal to London and back would earn 50,006 Miles. A Gold level
member traveling in First from Seattle to London and back would be
credited with 64,195 miles because of the greater distance traveled plus
the Gold tier bonus and First class bonus.

All qualifying travel must be completed no later than April 30 to earn the
40,250 mileage bonus. Other conditions apply.