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Lounge Pass offers users XML interface

Lounge Pass
has started offering an innovative XML solution to its partners.  Lounge Pass has seen rapid growth in travel agency bookings for customers adding a highly cost-effective touch of luxury to their holiday booking.  Now, XML or eXtensible Markup Language removes the need to login to the Lounge Pass system, saving valuable time for the booking agent, and speeding up the booking process for the customer.XML enables users to pass data between their existing websites or systems and Lounge Pass to make bookings, and is not platform dependant so can be utilised by the vast majority of systems around today.

This means that the Lounge Pass engine can be seamlessly integrated into any partner’s existing websites and systems - therefore opening up an even easier way to earn extra commission, while cutting down on administration.

Richard Heap, Lounge Pass Business Analyst said: “We were aware that call centres have been using two screens to make bookings - one showing the Lounge Pass website, and one linked to their own. XML takes away the need for working in this way, and makes everyone’s life easier, more efficient and hopefully even more financially rewarding. Our clients already collect most of the data required, so there is no duplicate data entry needed, which halves the work load compared to the way they currently work.”