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American Airlines Announces New Domestic Fares

American Airlines
today broadly matched Delta’s new fare structure, reducing the highest
fares and lowering fares for last-minute travel in thousands of markets
throughout the continental U.S. In most markets, the Saturday-night stay
requirements have been eliminated. The new fares make it even easier to
check fares and book flights through American’s Web site. Here are highlights of American’s new domestic fares, available throughout
most of the continental United States:

* Highest Coach and First Class fares are lower * Saturday-night stay
requirements have been eliminated in most markets * There are fewer fare
levels in each market * Round-trip discount fares are available with a
zero-, three-, seven-, or 14-day advance purchase; a one-night minimum
stay may be required

The new fares apply to flights operated by American Airlines, American
Eagle and AmericanConnection(R).

“We’re giving more people more access to great low fares,” said Dan
Garton, American’s Executive Vice President-Marketing. “Eliminating
Saturday- night stay requirements throughout most of our huge domestic
route system will appeal to both business and leisure travelers.”

In addition to great fares to lots of destinations, convenient schedules
and the opportunity to earn and redeem AAdvantage miles, travelers on
American Airlines receive great service both on the ground and in the air
—all of which combine to make travel on American an exceptional value.


On American, First or Business Class seating is available throughout the
fleet. Also available on most of the fleet are large overhead storage bins
that allow carry-on luggage to be stored “wheels first,” creating more
overall storage space and making it easier to stow and remove bags.

For those who like to “stay connected” during their trip, powerports are
located at each seat in the First or Business Class cabins and are
conveniently placed throughout the Coach cabins on most of American’s
aircraft, so passengers can work en route, operate their own CD or DVD
players, or even recharge cell phones.