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Help the Tsunami Victims with Your Old Mobile

Victims in tsunami-stricken areas are set to receive a helping hand through the recycling of old mobile phones and printer cartridges.The recent earthquake off the coast of Sumatra has led to an estimated 150,000 deaths, with thousands more injured or forced to flee their homes - and leading recycling company Eurosource has launched a nationwide appeal to help.

The company, which specialises in running charity recycling appeals, has pledged to swap old mobiles and printer cartridges for cash which will go straight to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).  This umbrella organisation is responsible for co-ordinating the UK’s national appeal in response to major overseas disasters.

If you received a new mobile phone for Christmas, you have the power to help by simply donating your old one to the appeal. And if you work in an office, don’t bin those old cartridges - they too can help.

John Speake, chairman of Eurosource, said: “This is the biggest earthquake for 40 years, causing a tsunami which spread thousands of kilometres and left a massive path of destruction.
“Images of the disaster have shocked the people of the UK, and I am inviting them to help by donating items which are often regarded as rubbish. Don’t bin your old phones and cartridges - send them to us and we’ll ensure that cash from each item recycled goes straight to the DEC.
“Eurosource specialises in raising money for charities, and has raised almost £1.5million since its inception in 1999. This sum has been shared between reputable charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care, the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the Royal National Institute of the Blind, and I hope that we can have as much success bringing in funds to donate to the DEC.”

Different mobiles and cartridges are worth different sums of money depending on various factors, like model, age and condition. Eurosource has created a dedicated website where you can find out which mobiles and cartridges can be recycled, and how much will be given to the DEC for each one -


If you want to help the Tsunami Recycling Appeal, all you have to do is call 08712 50 50 50 for a freepost bag. Drop your old phones and cartridges in the bag and pop it in the post - easy!

As well as helping this worthwhile cause, you’ll be helping the environment by preventing these items from ending up in landfill sites where they can cause pollution. So what are you waiting for? Phone for a freepost bag today.