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Pegasus Solutions Named “Vendor of the Year”

Pegasus Solutions, Inc. was honored by GrandStay Hospitality, LLC, as the hotel company’s 2004 “Vendor of the Year.” Pegasus accepted the award at GrandStay’s recent annual conference for general managers and franchisees.ÊGrandStay Hospitality is a small but fast-growing hotel company.Ê Featuring mid-scale extended stay properties, GrandStay is franchised in all 50 states.Ê The company operates five hotels in Minnesota and Wisconsin, with projects under development in California, Iowa, and Minnesota.Ê GrandStay’s headquarters are located in St. Augusta, Minn.

GrandStay increased its visibility among travel agents and Web-surfing travelers through Pegasus’ world-class electronic distribution architecture, reaching Internet channels and the four major global distribution systems (GDSs).Ê After implementation of the Unirez by Pegasus hotel representation service, GrandStay more than doubled quarterly revenues from electronic bookings over the course of 2004.Ê Travel agents use the well-known UZ GDS code to book any of the nearly 4,000 hotels participating in the Unirez by Pegasus service.

“At almost every level, Pegasus has outperformed our expectations,” said Rodney Lindquist, chief executive officer of GrandStay Hospitality.Ê “With our plans to increase the number of GrandStay hotels in as many as 11 states over the next two years, Pegasus’ ability to almost instantly add properties to multiple distribution channels is a critical component of our growth strategy.Ê We’re looking forward to an even more successful year in 2005.”

GrandStay elected to add Pegasus’ private label voice reservation services in September 2004.Ê Preliminary fourth quarter results indicate that GrandStay’s revenues from voice bookings will increase by nearly 20 percent over third quarter figures.Ê

“GrandStay Hospitality is an excellent example of a small hotel group exploring and implementing Pegasus services to increase visibility and revenues,” said Bob Boles, chief operating officer of Pegasus Solutions.Ê “Small to medium-sized hotel groups are in the best position to benefit from the array of integrated distribution, financial and reservation services only Pegasus can offer.Ê We’re honored to receive this award from GrandStay, and we look forward to helping them execute their expansion plans in 2005 and beyond.”