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Ctrip Refunds Earthquake Customers International,
Ltd. , a leading consolidator of hotel accommodations and airline tickets
in China, today announced the Company will unconditionally refund its
customers impacted by the earthquake and the ensuing tsunamis. On December 26, the world’s most powerful and disastrous earthquake in
more than 40 years struck under the Indian Ocean off the west coast of
Sumatra, triggering deadly tsunamis that obliterated costal areas in more
than seven countries in South and Southeast Asia, causing devastating loss
of lives and properties, and severely impairing local tourism.

In the aftermath of the disaster, James Liang, Chairman and CEO, expressed
sympathy for the victims and concern for Ctrip’s impacted customers. He
said, ‘‘to ensure that our customers’ interests are protected and their
losses are compensated, Ctrip is honoring our commitment to our customers
by issuing a full refund to affected customers’‘. Customers who purchased
Ctrip’s vacation package products and subsequently traveled to tsunami-hit
destinations, including Maldives and Phuket, during the disaster are
entitled to a full refund. Furthermore, customers who have already made
bookings to tsunami-hit destinations but have yet to initiate travel may
cancel their trips and receive full refund. Ctrip customers may contact
Customer Service 800-820- 6666 (Toll-free China only) or (8621) 34064888
directly for processing details.