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Qantas Offers Interline e-ticketing with all oneworld Partners

now offers interline e-ticketing (IET) with all other members of the oneworldTMÊ alliance.Cathay Pacific was the final carrier in the alliance to link up with the Australian airline. For the Hong Kong-based partner, it was its second oneworld IET link-up in days, following its cut-over with Finnair.

Interline e-ticketing is now in place between 20 of the potential 28 pairs of oneworld partners, keeping the grouping firmly on track to be the first of the global alliances with IET between all of its member airlines,scheduled for early in the New Year.

Already, more than 90 per cent of passengers transferring between oneworld carriers can do so with the convenience of just one electronic ticket.Ê

This makes connections between airlines smoother, easier and more reliable, and reduces the time and hassle involved in rebooking from one carrier to another, should that be needed for any reason.

The customer benefits of e-tickets themselves are also numerous - they cannot be lost or stolen, they make check-in quicker and smoother, helping eliminate queues at airports by giving customers access to the speed and convenience of new automation features.


With IATA estimating that electronic tickets save around US$8 for each paper ticket eliminated, e-tickets and interline e-ticketing also provide millions of dollars a year in savings for the airlines.

Of Qantas’ completion of its oneworld IET links, the airline’s Head of Sales and Distribution Rob Gurney said: “This is an important achievement for Qantas and for the oneworld alliance.”

American Airlines was in June the first carrier to offer the IET with all the other oneworld carriers - making it the first airline in the world to link up in this way with all its global alliance partners. British Airways completed its oneworld IET links in October.