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Erin Meadows Worldwide Travel Rebrands

Erin Meadows Worldwide Travel Management is changing its operating name and rebranding itself as SYNERGI Global Travel Management Canada in order to reinforce its stature as a major competitor in the Canadian travel market and emphasize the company’s commitment to managing the worldwide travel needs of its clients.
The rebranding will also help SYNERGI Canada capitalize on its role as a partner in SYNERGI, Inc, a global travel management company with sales of $11 billion (USD), and 3,000 offices in over 50 major business markets worldwide.

“We went through an extensive evaluation of how to position ourselves in the market and decided that the time was right to more closely align our company with SYNERGI,” said Donald McLean, president, SYNERGI Global Travel Management Canada.Ê “We are establishing a strong, recognizable name, plus demonstrating to clients and prospects that our firm has the global capabilities that are increasingly important to corporate travel managers.”

The brand was officially launched to staff, key suppliers and strategic partners on October 29, 2004 at an event managed by sister company Reward Worldwide.Ê Various elements of the rebranding, including new signage, stationery and literature were introduced throughout November.

“Canada has been an active participant in SYNERGI since the mid-90s,” said Greg O’Neil, president of SYNERGI.Ê “I am pleased to welcome them as one of the growing number of partners throughout the world that are using the SYNERGI name exclusively.”