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Holiday Inn Book is a Gift That Gives Back

Throughout the past 52-years, the
renowned Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts green-striped towels have
“disappeared” from hotel linen shelves across the country, later to
reappear as, say, a costume in an elementary school adaptation of “The
Little Drummer Boy”; as a mantle runner that’s hung with care; or even as
a quick wrapping-job for priceless gifts. This holiday season, Holiday Inn
recounts these touching stories while helping to create magical memories
for children. True accounts of the Holiday Inn brand’s iconic towels come to life in
About the towels, we forgive you: Absorbing Tales of Borrowed Towels - a
full- color coffee table book that traces the history of Holiday Inn
through stories from guests who have “borrowed” its towels. Proceeds from
the book sales benefit Give Kids The World, a non-profit resort
exclusively for children with life-threatening illnesses and their
families, which was founded in 1986 by Holiday Inn franchisee Henry

Copies of About the towels are available at . The website includes a forum for
people to share their own towel stories—how they got them and where
they’ve been all these years. For every story collected, Holiday Inn will
donate $1 to Give Kids The World.

“This book is not as much a celebration of the Holiday Inn towel as it is
a celebration of the very people who possess them,” said Mark Snyder,
senior vice president, brand management, Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts.
“The towels are physical reminders of fond and special memories that live
on in the hearts and minds of their owners.”

Recognizing the towel-borrowing trend as guests’ affinity for the beloved
brand rather than petty theft, Holiday Inn gave the world a chance to tell
its Holiday Inn towel stories by declaring Aug. 28, 2003, “Towel Amnesty
Day.” For every towel story shared, Holiday Inn donated and matched one
dollar to Give Kids The World.

About the towels combines these true, poignant stories with a photographic
history of Holiday Inn to create a humorous and reflective look at the
brand’s legacy and the hotel towel that has earned a permanent place in


Of the stories included in the book, topics range from humorous to

  “After college I headed west and stayed at Holiday Inns across the
country. Knowing at the end of each day’s drive a clean room, soft bed
and a Holiday Inn towel awaited me. Over the years my Holiday Inn towels
have seen me through thick and thin. I arrived in LA and started working
immediately. They were the first towels in my apartment, held roses in
the backseat for girlfriends, camped in Sequoia and comforted cats to thevet. Better than Downey; softer than Charmin—I love my Holiday Inn
towels. Thanks for the memories.”
  J. Gondek, Saugus, CA

  “Ironic our towel was borrowed after leaving Give Kids the World. My
daughter had a small medical crisis on the way home. We stayed in a
Holiday Inn overnight while awaiting a procedure at a local hospital.
Before leaving, I grabbed a towel so my daughter could lay her head down in route to hospital. She loved the feel of it and rubbed it throughout
the procedure and it made everything ‘all better’. The towel came home
with us along with lasting memories of once in a lifetime trip to GKTW.”
G. Kish, Scranton, PA

Peter Greenberg, travel editor of NBC’s “Today” show and the author of
Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective, wrote the foreword for the book
and admits that even he has Holiday Inn towels, which conjure up memories
of a “particularly interesting” business trip in 1972.

About the towels, we forgive you: Absorbing Tales of Borrowed Towels
retails for $25. The first 1,000 people who purchase the book will receive
a limited-edition Holiday Inn keepsake hand towel.