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The "Caribbean Health & Spa Expo" scheduled for Feb. 7 & 8 ‘05

Positive Tourism Productions, in cooperation with the Hilton Kingston Hotel, has announced The “Caribbean Health & Spa Expo” scheduled for February 7 & 8, 2005 in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies.
The Caribbean has long been a lore for visitors who delight in its white sand beaches, baths, ‘Milk Rivers’, Mineral Springs and healing waters such as the world renowned Doctors Cave Beach and our waterfalls; healthy foods; herbal teas, as well as its salubrious climate.

The Caribbean Health & Spa Tourism Expo 2005 will bring together conventional and holistic doctors, vegetarian gurus, spas owners/managers, trainers, environmental organizations, health food stores, massage therapists, reflexology practitioners, acupuncture specialists, and other health-oriented companies to discuss how to position the Caribbean not only to reclaim its title as the leading health and spa world-class destination, but to maintain the sustainability of our goals and objectives.

There will be twelve seminars and forty (40) exhibitors. There is a one-time charge of US$50.00 to attend all of the seminars. There is a JA$200.00 entrance fee for those who only want to attend the exhibit show.