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Self-Cleaning Hotel Rooms at Top Florida Resort

O*ZONELite announced today
that the company has reached an agreement with Amelia Island Plantation,
Florida’s premier island resort, to begin installation of O*ZONELite’s air
purification system in their 249 rooms. The resort tested the
air-purifying light bulbs for three months and reported a considerable
difference in the freshness quality of each room. “We were thoroughly impressed with the test run of the O*ZONELites. The
light bulbs purify the air and give each room a fresh clean smell, which
from a guest perception is what every resort should have,” stated Ed
Dickson, Supervisor of Maintenance for Amelia Island Plantation. “By
eliminating most airborne pathogens and dust, our resort will have the
cleanest rooms in the U.S.”

The O*ZONELite uses titanium dioxide and light technology to effectively
kill airborne pathogens. The bulbs, which are hand-dipped twice and air
dried in TiO2, create a photocatalytic action when turned on. This
photocatalytic action destroys harmful pathogens in the air such as mold
spores, fungus, bacteria, smoke and odors, giving rooms a clean smell
without the use of chemicals and sprays.

“Hotel and resort operators have always looked for the answer to
eliminating that musty, stagnant feel a hotel room can get, and the answer
is our bulb technology,” explained O*ZONELite CEO David deMartino. “We are
ecstatic to provide a prestigious resort like Amelia Island Plantation
with our energy-saving and pollutant-zapping bulbs.”

The 23-watt bulbs, which provides the equivalent of 100 watts of light,
covers 100 square feet of space and lasts in excess of 6,000 hours if left
on 24-hours a day. “All our staff needs to do when they finish cleaning a
room is flick on the light switch, and O*ZONELite does the rest,” added