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Eclipse Internet Liberates its Users with Free Public Wi-Fi Broadband

Eclipse Internet has made another major step toward providing
the ultimate in flexible broadband services. Today the company launched
its ROAM public Wi-Fi service which provides Eclipse customers with easy
to use, wire-free broadband Internet access when travelling. And, the
service is completely free until the end of 2004 to all customers with a
valid Eclipse broadband or dial up service.The service gives customers greater freedom and flexibility. It also
improves their personal efficiency and increases their productivity
whilst on the move. Eclipse ROAM Wi-Fi complements the company’s highly
successful FLEX Broadband product family - the UK’s first and only
boostable broadband service - and provides broadband download speeds at
BT Openzone hotspots.

Connectivity is available nationwide at airport and hotel lounges, food
outlets, motorway service stations and railway station concourses. A
complete list of access points is available on the company’s website at

Mark Lang, founder of Eclipse Internet and Director of Broadband and ISP
Development for the Kingston Communications Group said “We are
continually looking for ways to provide added value. We have a growing
number of business customers and increasingly many of these have to
travel as part of their work. When they are away from their office they
still need access to their company IT network and our new ROAM public
Wi-Fi service will allow them to achieve that simply and
cost-effectively. Now ‘on the move’ secure access to email and the
Internet is as easy as calling your office from a mobile telephone.”

Lang added: “Our new product is designed to complement the BT Openzone
infrastructure. Eclipse is one of the first BT Wholesale ISPs to offer
the BT Openzone wireless broadband service to its customers. We have an
established reputation for innovation and we are delighted to be at the
forefront of the market again with this flexible service.”

Chris Clark, CEO BT Wireless Broadband, said, “This initiative by
Eclipse will take advantage of the thousands of BT Openzone hotspots we
have installed - and new sites are being added every day. By enhancing
its unique FLEX Broadband product family with the addition of wireless
broadband access, Eclipse is continuing its philosophy of being first to
market with innovative services.”


ROAM public Wi-Fi users can connect to their company’s secure network*
at broadband speeds, hence enabling them to access the very latest
figures, drawings, presentations etc. whilst travelling. Logging on is
an easy process and can be achieved with minimal fuss. No wires are
required - all that users need is a PDA or a laptop with WLAN
connectivity, and a valid Eclipse connection account. To access the
service, users simply need to be within a 50-100m range of a BT Openzone
location. Eclipse customers using the new ROAM public Wi-Fi service will
simply have their connection time added to their monthly bill, thus
ensuring continuity of service and the elimination of the inconvenience
caused by some other payment methods.