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Pavilion Rebrands as Arahmas Hotel Group

One of Thailand’s most progressive small hotel groups, Pavilion Hotel Group, has announced a rebranding. The group will now be called the “ARAHMAS HOTEL GROUP”.The NEW Royal Pavilion Resort & Spa, Phuket due to open early next year will be called “Arahmas Phuket, Resort & Spa”
Royal Pavilion Spa Resort, Samui which is due to open late 2005 will be called “Arahmas Samui, Spa Resort”
Pavilion Queen’s Bay, Krabi will remain the same but will have a note printed underneath, “by Arahmas Hotel Group”
Pavilion Rim Kwai, Kanchanaburi will also remain the same with a little note printed underneath “by Arahmas Hotel Group”

The Word “ARAHMAS” is formed from two Thai words. Arah, is the decorated spelling from Aram meaning Thai Temple, which creates a peaceful mood and the “Mas” is Moon, which creates a mysterious charm. So when we combine these two words “ARAHMAS” means “The peaceful place with mysterious charm.”

All Contracts issued under the Old Pavilion will be honoured until the end of validity.