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Deregulation Sparks Innovation

A powerful entrant in the race to define
the future of travel search introduced its FareFirst Search technology today. FareCompare’s innovative air pricing engine provides
fast, reliable, and accurate pricing information at a fraction of the
costs of other technologies. FFS is designed to support the growing search
needs of online super-sites and distributors. FareCompare licenses its
FFS technology and data.

Airfare pricing is complex. Each individual request represents millions of
theoretical solutions. FFS uses a unique fare-first approach, first
identifying the lowest fare in any given market and then applying flight
schedule and seat availability filters to refine the response. FFS returns
the lowest-priced itineraries in the way that consumers really want to
buy and which airlines intend to sell. The FFS approach is highly
scalable,  benefiting from reduced unit cost as volume increases.

FareCompare can process both published and private fares (categories 15,
35, and 25) published with ATPCO. “We’re really excited to understand what
FareCompare has done with our data in such a short time,” said Rolf
Purzer, Vice President & General Manager of Value Added Business at ATPCO.
“We’re always interested in seeing the pricing world expand to better
meet the needs of our airline customers.”

FareCompare joins a small group of companies providing pricing engines
using ATPCO data. Air shopping was introduced first by the GDS companies
(Sabre, Cendant, Worldspan, and Amadeus), and most recently by ITA. “Based
on a scale of one to ten,” said Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare LP,
“creating valid pricing solutions is a twelve.”