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Cruise Along the Russian River

What is the best way to explore the mystery of Russia, to dive into Russia’s extensive history, visiting quiet provincial towns as well as the famous cities Moscow and St Petersburg. How about a cruise along the Russian river.

Breaking Travel News caught up with Natalie Laputko, head of marketing, Russian River Cruises, at World Travel Market to find out what Vodohod
has to offer.
BTN: What are the key selling points of Russia as a destination?

NL: There is still an air of mystery about Russia because it was closed as a destination for so long. Russia also has a long, rich history because of its interesting culture.

BTN: Why should people choose to cruise?

NL: To cruise, means that you can just get onboard and relax - you don’t have to worry about booking accommodation or routes and you get to see all the best sites with several days to enjoy them. A cruise offers convenience, romanticism and special landscape.

BTN: What is the best thing about the cruise?

NL: It is the connections that people make during the time spent on the cruise - it is an unusual experience. People don’t go on the Russian River Cruise for the sun and sea - it is really about the cultural experience.


BTN: Can you comment on any current cruise trends?

NL: We are seeing an increasing flow of tourists - not only to St Petersburg and Moscow but also to provincial towns.

Also - although cruises are mainly targeted at elder citizens, Spain and Italy tend to send younger clients.

BTN: What do customers get for the ‘all inclusive’?

NL: Transport from the airport, their room and food.

BTN: Can you list the main facilities onboard?

NL: 2 restaurants, 3 bars and a conference room

BTN: Can customers get off the boat? What is the duration of each stop?

NL: The boat stops for a few hours at the provincial destinations and a few days in Moscow and St Petersburg.

BTN: What is the fleet size?

NL: We have 10 ships at present and an additional 2 to be added to the fleet at the end of this year.

BTN: When is the best time to cruise?

NL: May is a beautiful time to cruise

BTN: What is the capacity of the cruises?

NL: The cruise takes 240 people.