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Wynn Begins Search for 9,000 Employees

Steve Wynn is hiring again and expects
to receive more than 100,000 applications for more than 9,000 positions
available at his new Wynn Las Vegas resort opening in April 2005. To
manage job applications, the resort will use an innovative on-line
application process that lets prospective employees fill out job
applications and track their status on-line. The software behind the
process, powered by Recruitmax, a leading provider of workforce management
solutions, is among the most advanced and effective in the country.

“Within the first four days we received 27,000 applications,” said Arte
Nathan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources. “The best thing about
this method is people don’t have to wait in line. People can apply for
jobs they’re interested in from the convenience of their home, public
library, friend’s house, or any other computer they have access to. The
application is easy to follow and if they have any questions, they can
give us a call.”

Applicants who don’t have access to a computer, who don’t have computer
skills, or who speak limited English, can call 702-770-JOBS to schedule an
appointment for bilingual and / or computer help.

The online employment center opened at midnight pacific time on October
31, 2004. The address is The website will
provide job descriptions and applications for more than 1,000 different
positions. “People don’t even need to write a resume,” said Nathan. “They
can just answer the questions in the application and there’s plenty of
space to add additional information and comments.”

Based on their on-line application, qualified applicants will be contacted
for face to face interviews. The bulk of the interviews starts January 3
when the resort will conduct about 900 interviews a day.


“Even though the on-line employment center opens November 1, decisions
won’t be made on a first come, first served basis,” said Nathan. “Each
position will have a deadline, but there will be plenty of time for people
to get their application in. The most important thing for people to know
is that there’s no reason to come see us face to face unless they have a
scheduled meeting or interview.”