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Qantas to Use Amadeus’ Altea Plan

Amadeus today announced that Qantas
has become the first airline in the world to process its yield, pricing and inventory via Altéa Plan.
Altéa Plan is the inventory management element of Amadeus’ portfolio of new generation Customer Management Systems for airlines, which also includes Altéa Sell, a community platform for multi-channel sales and reservations, and Altéa Fly for departure control.

The entire inventory for Qantas and 16 other airlines hosted on its inventory system was successfully moved to Altéa Plan, paving the way for major improvements in Qantas’ business technology processes.

Moving Qantas’ flights and passenger bookings to the new system was followed by a 4-month migration process, coordinated by 150 IT experts in three countries - Australia, France and Germany. The day after the implementation was completed, Qantas carried out its largest schedule change ever. The process, which would have taken days on Qantas’ previous system, took just four hours: a giant leap forward in efficiency. 

Fiona Balfour, Chief Information Officer and Executive General Manager Qantas Business Services, described the move as “...a remarkable step forward that provided ‘the new heart’ for the airline’s inventory management systems.”

Amadeus, Qantas and British Airways built Altéa Plan from the ground up. Going back to the drawing board to develop an inventory system for a new era of aviation had not been attempted since the seventies.