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Trustive to Expand in Europe and Australia

has announced agreements with four Wireless Internet Service
Providers to use the Trustive turnkey WLAN solution to expand the
reaches of their wireless services globally.
The four companies which will also join Trustive’s extensive list of
roaming partners include Airnyx AG, one of Germany’s largest WISPs;
SkyNetGlobal, Australia’s leading provider of wireless broadband
solutions; Nocable, a local Italian WISP and one of the largest mobile
broadband operators in Italy; and of Austria.

Airnyx, a leading WISP in Europe, offers products and solutions for
hundreds of WLAN hotspots with a reach of more than 100 million
customers who can use those hotspots via roaming agreements with network
operators. “We can now offer our customers access not only to our large
local network, but to more than 3,500 live hotspots worldwide using the
Trustive Client Software,” said Airnyx Chairman of the Board, Gerhard
Unger. “With this solution we can now offer our large corporate clients
a strong WiFi solution for their traveling employees.”

All four clients will re-brand Trustive Client Software, which provides
a complete WLAN Solution and uses Trustive’s backend server to handle
billing and settlement.

“Trustive is glad to add quality partners such as these,” said Trustive
managing director Gavin Dresselhuis. “Our wholesale offering has gained
strong global momentum because we can offer service providers a
reasonable-cost leading-edge solution that remains invisible to their

Trustive’s virtual wireless network, comprises more than 4,500 signed
hotspots with 47 roaming partners in 35 countries in Europe, North
America and the Asia-Pacific region.