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Pelican Systems Launches

Pelican System has announced the launch of, a web-based facility providing a direct connection between hotels and retail agents. Traditionally, travel agents had to go through extensive procedures in order to obtain hotel room rates and allotment. Not only were procedural issues complex, but costs for Travel agents during negotiations were considerably higher, especially when they had to deal with hotels at various destinations.  This situation forced small- and medium-sized travel agents to focus on specific destinations only and rely on intermediaries for other destinations.

The link provided by enables travel agents not only to obtain room rates and allotment directly from hotels, but also ability to have direct links to hotels from various destinations without having to rely on intermediaries, providing instant confirmation on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

Participating “Pelican” hotels issue qualified agents a login / password combination granting them secure access to special agency rates and room allotment. Agents will thus be able to make direct bookings through or alternatively through a hotel’s own website, without the need to manually negotiate confidential rates or confirm room availability