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Hawaiian Airlines Renews Agreement with Sabre Airline Solutions

Hawaiian Airlines has employed SabreSonic’s open systems technology to power its

reservations, ticketing and check-in functions since 1994.  The carrier has

renewed those features and now is adding additional customer care features

available in the suite in order to promote a customer-centric environment.

These include two CRM offerings - Customer Insight and Customer Data



“The open systems technology of Sabre Airline Solutions has been a key

component of our success in establishing Hawaiian Airlines as the industry

leader with customer service,” said Gordon Locke, senior vice president of

marketing and sales at Hawaiian Airlines. “The flexibility and adaptability

of the SabreSonic suite will enhance our customer service even more by

providing clean, easy-to-use data before and after each sale.”


Customer Insight, the industry’s first true operational customer care

programme, provides the first continuous flow of passenger information

throughout a carrier’s disparate operational systems.  Customer Insight can

be accessed through web services, which will enable any authorised Hawaiian

Airlines employee to easily create, retrieve and modify the customer

information at any customer touch point.  For travellers on Hawaiian

Airlines, this integrated customer view means they can get quicker service

and up-to-date, consistent information.


The second SabreSonic customer care option that Hawaiian Airlines is adding

to its portfolio is Customer Data Delivery, which provides detailed travel

pattern information through passenger trip data in both real time and

scheduled timeframes. The data includes advance booking information on all

active bookings made by the airline as well as bookings made by travel

agencies and other airlines, and delivers only data elements relevant to

the carrier’s business needs and at a frequency determined by the airline.

The customised delivery of travel patterns and behaviour information can be

used to improve customer service, optimise revenues and provide the

foundation for additional marketing opportunities.


The customer care options for SabreSonic provide a holistic view of the

customer to aid the airline in fulfilling its commitment to customer

service. As an example, Customer Insight can store complete information

about customers, including destination, service, and seat preferences as

well as historical customer experience data. This information is available

at all customer service points, enabling staff to better serve and

understand customers as well as respond to service experiences. This

customer-centric approach allows airlines to shift focus from merely

processing passengers to providing travellers with personalised customer

service throughout their journey.

“Hawaiian Airlines has an extraordinary focus on customer service, as
evidenced by its recent number-one ranking for on-time service, baggage
handling and fewest cancellations. The addition of these SabreSonic
features will continue this tradition of service,” said Gianni Marostica,
president, Airline Passenger Solutions at Sabre Airline Solutions. “The
newly adopted technology easily integrates with the airline’s existing
systems and components from Sabre Airline Solutions, minimising time and
costs involved in assuring a higher level of dedication to customers.”