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Travel Sector Gets New Online Distribution Channel

The People’s Web, a new low-cost service enabling UK companies and individuals to buy and sell products and services through personalized internet accounts, launches today to the travel sector.
People’s Web Accounts allow companies of all sizes to post details of their goods or services and upload their entire inventory to the site. Both small and large companies can also drive traffic to their own websites, call centres, or bricks and mortar locations, from £25 a year. From launch, The People’s Web claims to be the travel sector’s lowest-cost distribution channel.

In the run up to today’s launch, The People’s Web has enjoyed a successful trial period, with retailers such as Volkswagen and Crabtree & Evelyn becoming members and selling their inventory.
The new service is available to consumers for just £5 a year. Small businesses and service providers pay only £25 a year, while company accounts are available for £100 a year for businesses who want to have their entire stock uploaded for them by The People’s Web. A key benefit, for companies with both national and local operations, is that consumers can define searches on a regional basis.

Mark Tuppen, founder and managing director of The People’s Web, says, “The travel industry can now enjoy low-cost, instant access to consumers who are actively seeking their products. The People’s Web not only provides a forum for buyers and sellers, it actively matches them.”

The People’s Web also gives businesses an internet presence without the need for a website. Small businesses and people offering services can enjoy improved search engine rankings, as search engines are already finding listings on The People’s Web.

“People should be able to use the internet as it was intended - as a low-cost, democratic forum for sharing information,” says Tuppen. “The People’s Web brings us closer to that goal.”


Companies and individuals can search and post in 12 categories: DIY; On the Drive; Fashion and Clothes; Food and Drink; In the Garden; In the Home; Jobs; Music/Film/Video; Travel and Holidays; Property; Services, and Sport. Members can browse each category, search using The People’s Web engine, or be matched to sellers based on their wanted ads.

“We are matchmakers, not middlemen, we don’t profit from any sales made through our site,” says Tuppen. “We simply provide a website where buyers and sellers can meet and arrange their own transactions.”

Account holders have control over every aspect of their transactions, including the items they offer, who contacts them, and how they’re contacted.  All postings and listings are vetted to avoid offensive materials, making The People’s Web a family-friendly service. Members and visitors can also enjoy a completely “ad-free” experience, without the distraction of pop-ups or scrolling advertising.