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Current Internet Marketing Efforts Analyzed

Research and Markets announces
the addition of “Destination Marketing on the Internet” to their offering. Many forms of online marketing and media have an impact on the
decision-making processes of the consumers.This report presents a conceptual framework in which the marketing
organizations are pursuing online strategies and the significance it attaches
to the websites in their promotional mix.
  This paper focuses on the marketing of tourism and hospitality operations
online and examines the current Internet marketing efforts of tourism
  This report also focuses into the marketing management practices of
destination management organizations (DMOs) and how their role, their
structure and their skills needs to be changed.
  Further, case studies has been provided to understand the advertising
effectiveness of promoting a tourism website.

  Topics covered in this report include:
  —Introduction to Online Marketing
  —Online Marketing: An Overview
  —Online and offline marketing: A comparative analysis
  —Key Value Drivers for Online Marketing Success
  —Conceptual Framework: Internet mediated market orientation
  —Characteristics of an Internet mediated market orientation
  —Benefits of an Internet mediated market orientation
  —Challenges to traditional market orientation
  —Internet as part of the media mix in marketing campaigns
  —The role of websites and online marketing
  —Growth of online marketing
  —Illustrations: Adoption by big companies

  —Destination study of marketing tourism online

  —Destination Marketing: An analytical Framework
  —Introduction: Destination Marketing
  —Best Practice Destination Marketing: Terms Defined
  —Destination Promotion and Publicity
  —Destination Publicity and Research
  —Press Kits
  —Media familiarisation, travel writer tours and visiting journalist
  —Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
  —The new realities facing DMOs
  —Do DMOs need to change?
  —Results of a survey: Publicity Programs of DMOs
  —Case Study: Advertising effectiveness of a tourism promotional website

  —Internet adoption in destination marketing


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