Breaking Travel News could help drive business to hurricane affected Caribbean

A U.S. company with offices in Cancun is helping resorts and hotels throughout the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera offer their guests something different this tourist season - professional, fully staged dance acts with top dancers from Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas as well as the Caribbean and South books, coordinates, stages and staffs more than 20 different fast-paced, colorful and professionally choreographed dance acts for resorts, conventions, hotels and other venues throughout the region as resorts compete to find something new to offer their guests this fall and winter in the aftermath of this past hurricane season.ÊÊÊ
Acts range from a ‘Tango, Gauchos and Salsa’ performance with colourfully costumed dancers, a detailed background display and props to a ‘Dance Carnival’ act, an elaborate performance with up to 16 dancers from the U.S., South American and the Caribbean who perform Latin music in a festive, captivating one-hour show. The company can also bring dancers from Argentina to perform the Argentine Tango, known as one of the more difficult and beautiful dances of South America, if not the world.
Owned and operated by former professional dancer Tom Murphy with offices in Cancun, is an affiliate of, an online hotel and resort service with an umbrella of other professional services for the hotel and resort industry in the Caribbean.

“We’ve seen a surge of business in the past year, as resorts, especially the all-inclusives, are getting away from the do-it-yourself approach when it comes to providing entertainment,” said Murphy. “Before we came along, most resorts were using their own staff as performers, so after waiting tables, organising beach volleyball and performing other tasks, they were often visibly fatigued by show time. We’re changing all that.”

Murphy’s service provides the entire package - from the dancers and the airline arrangements to the props, staging, backdrops and music. “Basically, it’s the entire show from soup to nuts, so we take care of all the headaches,” he added.ÊÊ Ê