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America West Enhanced Boarding Pass Procedures

America West Airlines
announced today that effective Oct. 1, all passengers must obtain boarding
passes prior to proceeding to airport gate areas. The airline is
implementing the policy in compliance with an industry-wide Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) directive that calls for the measure to be
in place by mid-October.
Since America West already provides several easy ways to obtain boarding
passes, the airline’s customers will continue to enjoy the convenient
check-in process they have come to expect when traveling with the airline.

* Customers can use Web Check-In at to print a
boarding pass up to 24 hours prior to and until 90 minutes before their
scheduled departure time. * Between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2004, the first
time every FlightFund customer uses Web Check-In, he or she will receive
500 FlightFund bonus miles (FlightFund is America West’s award-winning
frequent flyer program). * In addition to Web Check-In, customers can
obtain boarding passes at America West self-service kiosks at dozens of
airports, utilize sky-cap services or check in with an agent at the ticket

As always, America West advises arriving at the airport with enough time
to allow for the complete check-in process, including clearing security. A
list of suggested times by airport is available at