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PowerCold Enters Into Agreement With Hospitality Company

PowerCold Corporation announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary,
PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions, Inc. has entered into a marketing
agreement with an international hospitality company. Under the terms of
the agreement, PowerCold(R) will provide the engineering design,
equipment, and installation of its proprietary HVAC plumbing and fire
sprinkler systems for the Company’s major U.S. hotel chains. With the signing of the agreement, PowerCold joins an exclusive group of
hospitality industry suppliers who were selected for their product
quality, service value, and ability to deliver on time. This agreement
effectively positions PowerCold for major long-term growth and underscores
the Company’s commitment to providing its customers with energy efficient,
high quality HVAC products.

PowerCold is currently preparing the design for the new Wingate Inn and
Suites located in Henderson, Nevada. The facility is expected to be the
most energy-efficient hotel ever built in the continental U.S. and
possibly the world.

Wingate Owner/Partner Steve Sparks commented, “This is the third Wingate
Inn(R) designed with PowerCold’s energy-efficient HVAC system. The first
installation at our Bozeman, Montana, Wingate Inn has substantially
reduced our utility bills and has received two ENERGY STAR awards from the
EPA. The second installation at the Wingate Inn and Suites, Greenwood,
Colorado, opened in June and we expect it to achieve similar results and
gain recognition from the EPA. Our third hotel with the PowerCold system,
the Wingate Inn and Suites located in Henderson, Nevada, is currently in
the design phase. This hotel, like the others, will utilize PowerCold’s
environmentally friendly, energy-efficient technology and provide
travelers with quiet comfort and precise temperature and humidity control
in each guest room. PowerCold sets the standards in the HVAC industry, and
we are excited to work with an organization that consistently provides top
quality products and excellent value for its customers.”

PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions, Inc. President, Robert Yoho commented,
“The Wingate Inn and Suites will have its own power generation capability,
enabling it to operate during peak power periods and during power outages.
All exhaust air will be captured to exchange energy from the exhaust
system to the hotel fresh air system, thereby reducing the need for
approximately 30 tons of air conditioning equipment. Each room will be
supplied with fresh outside make up air. Evaporative chillers will be
furnished with our newest, most efficient plastic evaporative coolers. The
mechanical system will be the latest state-of-the-art equipment and
controls utilizing the latest solar system technology. The Wingate project
is a joint effort between the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National
Laboratories, Wingate and PowerCold. The facility will be monitored for
one year after which time the benefits proven by the installation will be
publicized to the building community. The total cost of this project is
approximately $2 million, a portion of which will be funded by the
Department of Energy.”

PowerCold has commissioned Priest Engineering, Inc., Denver, Colorado, to
prepare the preliminary design of the HVAC, plumbing and fire sprinkler
systems. Priest Engineering is a member of PowerCold’s National Associates
Alliance program, which includes alliances with contractors, architects
and engineering firms.


PowerCold has also entered into various agreements with a number of
companies including York International Corporation, Halton Company,
Munters Corporation, and Teletrol Systems, Inc. to supply complete
mechanical and fire sprinkler systems to national retail, restaurant and
hotel chains. These systems will allow the owner to have total control of
air space conditions while reducing power and maintenance costs.

Frank Simola, PowerCold Corporation CEO commented, “It is evident that we
are building a network of alliances with major vendors in our industry to
support marketing our proprietary HVAC products and systems to national
chain accounts. Over the last eighteen months we have designed over $30
million of engineering drawings for HVAC systems for twenty national
retail, restaurant and hotel chains and now have eighty-four installations
representing drug stores, restaurants, hotels, extended care facilities
and hospitals. Based on this current business trend and the number of
national chains projecting their growth for retrofit and new build, the
Company anticipates that it should double revenue annually over the next
five years.”