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Bonaire to host first underwater art exhibition

Beginning December 3, 2004 divers can experience art in a unique setting, as the waters around Bonaire host the first ever exhibition of art work underwater.ÊCalled “40 Feet Underwater: Moving Light in an Unlimited Territory,” the show will feature the work of Dutch artist Fred Ros.Set in Bonaire’s pristine water, where the natural environment is something to see in itself, enormous works of art will be sunk to a depth of 40 feet, creating an underwater museum in the Caribbean Sea.

Distance, depth, colors and shapes will constantly change as the natural light from the sun beams through the water, giving visitors multiple perceptions of each work of art. Taking notice of the artwork coexisting with the natural underwater treasures - the fish, corals and sponges - the exhibition will not only challenge people’s perceptions of art but also call attention to the importance of preserving and protecting marine environment.

The exhibit will showcase thirty-one photographic pieces created by Ros above the Wetlands, in Antarctica, and in the saltpans in Bonaire.

As divers approach the underwater museum, they will be greeted by a cashier in scuba gear, ready to punch admission tickets. Guests will then swim their way through the “museum rooms” with a waterproof catalogue in hand.Ê“40 Feet Underwater: Moving Light in an Unlimited Territory” will surely be an experience visitors will not soon forget.

The exhibit will run December 3, 2004 through January 27, 2005 at the dive site Front Porch, which is located off of Bongos Beach at Eden Beach Resort. Visiting hours will be daily from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. The entrance fee is $5.Ê