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US Airways Seek Savings from Training Instructors

US Airways and the
Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 547, representing approximately 65
Flight Crew Training Instructors, have reached a tentative agreement on a
new contract to reduce costs in support of the company’s Transformation
Plan to become a low-cost carrier.
Details of the agreement have not been disclosed pending the TWU’s
communication of the agreement to its members.

“Our members recognize the need to implement meaningful efficiency gains
and other cost-saving steps in order to keep US Airways alive and well.
While these actions are very difficult for us, we recognize that our
livelihood depends on the successful restructuring of this airline,” said
Bill Gray, president of TWU Local 547. “Our employees have too much time
and effort invested in this fine company to just stand by and watch it
fade into the annals of aviation history.”

“The leadership of the Flight Crew Training Instructors has made a very
important decision on behalf of its members in reaching this agreement to
support the company’s Transformation Plan,” said Jerrold A. Glass, US
Airways senior vice president of employee relations. “We fully recognize
these sacrifices, and that they bring us one step closer to our goal of
becoming a stronger and more competitive force in the industry.”

Ratification of this agreement is expected to be completed within two
weeks and requires approval by the bankruptcy court.

Meetings with the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the Association of
Flight Attendants (AFA), the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the
International Association of Machinists (IAM) and one other TWU group
(Simulator Engineers), continue.