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UniFocus and Bare Associates International Announce Partnership

UniFocus, L.P. today announced a strategic partnership with Bare Associates International (BAI), a global firm dedicated to providing organizations with key information regarding customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.
In combining forces, both companies are able to provide integrated performance measurement services coupled with operational systems and training necessary to drive improved results.

The partnership is focused on combining UniFocus’ various satisfaction feedback tools with BAI’s mystery shopping evaluations. The result is an analytical service that relates employee to customer to professional evaluator assessment of attainment of standards. This multifaceted process of evaluating performance allows organizations to put together comprehensive plans that address the key issues driving loyalty, intent to recommend and bottom line performance.

“BAI’s mystery shopping evaluations combined with our employee and guest surveys take feedback analysis to new heights,” stated Mark Heymann, chief executive officer of UniFocus. “We can now connect the dots between three data sources, enabling a comprehensive look at what really impacts customer satisfaction. Validating customer measurement provides detailed, actionable results that point to a clear resolution.”

“This partnership brings a unique program to the industry that hasn’t been available up to this time,” said Michael Bare, BAI’s president. “By combining customer comments with professional evaluator assessments, we can be very specific when documenting and resolving issues making the response more accurate than ever before.”