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Divi Little Bay to welcome worlds strongest men

In a bizzare show of strength from October 17 - 23, 2004 Divi Little Bay Beach Resort’s beach will once again be filled with some of the world’s strongest men, as the resort hosts the All Strength Nations Challenge for the second year in a row.Thirty-two of the world’s strongest men, representing eight countries will compete as teams for $20,000 in purse money and the title of strongest nation on the planet.

Teams will include the defending champions from the Ukraine along with competing nations of Canada, Finland, Germany, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom and the United States.

Competitions will be divided into two pools, with four countries in each pool lifting, pulling or pushing heavy objects in a round robin of seven events. The winners in each pool will advance to the finals.

The events in the week-long competition will include a hand-over-hand boat pull, strongman wrestling, a cannon carry and the hallmark event the hoisting of the St. Maarten Tourist Board Island Stones. Normally for this event competitors would lift seven round rocks called Atlas Stones each weighing 260 - 385 pounds and place them on a 52-inch high platform.

In honour of the event taking place in St. Maarten this and last year these multifaceted island rocks are being used and the event has been renamed the St. Maarten Tourist Board Island Stones.