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Pilar Bush gives an update on damage to Cayman

Pilar Bush, Acting Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands has commented on the state of play following the devastation caused by hurricane Ivan. “There is a lot frustration due to the lack of consistent updates from Grand Cayman. We’d like everyone to understand that the Cayman Islands is doing our very best to verify information and distribute it as quickly as possible to media, friends and families.”.As of 12 noon (Cayman) yesterday dozens of people remained unaccounted for on Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands remain under a state of emergency and a curfew imposed,

H.E. The Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy remain in charge under the Emergency Powers Law (1997 Revision) and the Emergency Regulations, 2004.

Many homes on Grand Cayman are confirmed uninhabitable either due to flooding or roof destruction.

Dept. of Tourism offices on Grand Cayman were severely damaged and remain closed.

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are in good shape and have mobilised to help relief efforts for Grand Cayman.


Road networks are intact, but some are still obstructed.

Cayman Airways, the national airline, has been coordinating emergency flights into Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac from Houston, Tampa and Miami.

CAL flights will bring US citizens back to the United States on these emergency flights.

Owen Roberts International Airport is open for restricted flights only.

Cayman Brac’s Gerrard Smith International Airport is open for restricted flights only.

Visit the has details of what relief supplies are needed and where these can be delivered.

Over on Grenada the airport is functional with air traffic control, Customs and Immigration in place. Air Jamaica, Air Caribes, LIAT and Caribbean Star have restarted limited service. LIAT CEO Gary Cullen has told CTO that the regional carrier is putting on four scheduled daily flights from Port of Spain, Barbados and St. Vincent into Grenada.Ê

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) has advised that until the runway lights can be restored, air transport is limited to daylight operation. Also, there is still no public ground transport, such as taxis or buses, at the airport.