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Spice Island Resort Grenada needs to close for a year to repair

Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada, one of the top luxury resorts in the Caribbean, sustained severe damage following Hurricane Ivan, and as a result, the property will be closed for one year so it can be rebuilt and reclaim its well-deserved reputation for elegant, upscale holiday-makers.Spice Island Beach Resort lost approximately 90 percent of its roofs as well as the main facilities including its restaurants, lounge, spa and watersports. All back of house areas have also been compromised. The conference room, main kitchen and main office remain somewhat intact.

“We have a tough road ahead as we more extensively evaluate the situation and develop plans to rebuild Spice Island Beach Resort, but I am fortunate to have a dedicated team behind me, and we will face the challenge together,” said Royston Hopkin, C.M.G, chairman and owner.Ê

“We will rebuild Spice Island Beach Resort into the premier luxury property on Grenada and one of the shining stars of the Caribbean,” he added. “We graciously thank all our well-wishers for their kindness and support and look forward to welcoming them and all our valued guests in the future.”

Following further damage assessment, additional updates as to the resort’s rebuilding plans and exact time frame will be provided.

All visitors who have reservations made directly with the resort will have their bookings cancelled and respective deposits will be refunded as soon as the banking institutions are back on-line. People who made reservations via a tour operator or travel agent should contact them to have their holiday rebooked.