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Ruiz Cuevas talks of limited threat from Ivan

The general director of the Riviera Maya tourism promotion board, Mr. Martin Ruiz Cuevas released the following Hurricane readiness alert at 1330 CST hours yesterday:The impact of Hurricane Ivan, assuming that it remains on its present course,Ê should be limited to sporadic rain and gusts of wind, that will be of no danger to the local population or tourists visiting the destination.

Presently all of the main services are functioning normally at the resorts, with the exception of water sports, beach access and small units’ navigation which have been suspended as a safety precaution.

Should the electricity supply be interrupted at any time during the storm, it is important to note that the main tourist hotels have their own generator stations (power house) and water works plants which will ensure the continuation of services.

Last night 150 persons were evacuated from Punta Allen to higher ground as a precautionary measure, due to the low lying nature of the area.

According to Martin Ruiz Cuevas, “We want to assure families and friends of travellers vacationing in the Riviera Maya that they are presently in no danger from Hurricane Ivan.


The tourism promotion board will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as warranted on the official website