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oneworld Airlines Offer Frequent Flyers up to 15,000 Bonus Miles

is offering air travellers the world over an enticing incentive to encourage them to sample more of its unrivalled international network - a bonus of up to 15,000 frequent flyer miles or points that can be redeemed for flights across the grouping’s 575-destination map.

To participate, you must already be a member or enroll as a new member of any one of the eight oneworld airlines’ frequent flyer programmes - American Airlines AAdvantage, the British Airways Executive Club, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo Club, Iberia Plus, LAN’s LANPASS, Finnair Plus or Aer Lingus’ Gold Circle Club.


Then you need fly on at least three oneworld airlines, including the one with which you have registered as a frequent flyer member, between 1 October and 30 November 2004, on eligible fares. These include a number of economy/coach class fares, besides those for travel in First, Business or British Airways’ World Traveller Plus.



There are minor differences in the way the promotion operates in some member airlines’ frequent flyer schemes. Some require participants to register for the bonus promotion first.ÊÊ The size of the bonus varies too between some member airlines, because of the different structures of their individual frequent flyer schemes. For instance, members of Iberia Plus will be eligible for a 1,200 point bonus.

Since oneworld was launched five years ago, members of its partner airlines’ frequent flyer programmes have been able to earn miles and tier status points when they fly on eligible fares on any other airline in the alliance and redeem them across the entire grouping’s network, covering 135 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

So those bonus miles could help take you anywhere from Aalborg, Albuquerque or Accra to Zaragoza or Zurich or anywhere else served by the alliance’s by eight member airlines and their 17 associated carriers.


oneworld Managing Partner John McCulloch said: “The bonus is just that - a bonus, in addition to the regular rewards earned for each of those flights. It’s a way of highlighting to customers new and old that if their travels take them beyond their regular airline’s schedules to other parts of oneworld’s unrivalled international map, they’ll receive the same high level of care, service, support and frequent flyer privileges from all other carriers in our group.”


Besides frequent flyer awards, those privileges include tier points towards higher status frequent flyer programme membership, which in turn leads to lounge access, priority check-in and wait listing whenever you fly with any oneworld carrier anywhere in the world.