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Hans Dannenberg appointed as Dep. Tourism Minister DR

The appointment of Mr. Hans Dannenberg to the position of Deputy Tourism Minister in the newÊgovernment of Dominican Republic president Dr. Leonel Fernández has been described as a “bold, common sense” decision that transcends party politics.

ÊOn learning of the newÊappointment, President of Counterpart International, Lelei LeLaulu, showered congratulations on the young travel and tourism expert who will have responsibility for the destination’s relationship with cruises and airlines, and the regions between Boca Chica and the Province of Azua, including the capital city of Santo Domingo.

“Please accept the heartfelt congratulations of all your friends from the Counterpart family of organizations for your great honor. President Fernández made a wise choice and we all look forward to proving how correct he was in his appointment of you to this important post,” said LeLaulu in a dispatch to the capital.

Prior to this latest appointment, Hans Dannenberg, a regular panelist at Counterpart’s Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx) symposia series,Êserved as Executive Director of the Puerto Plata Hotels Association in a joint venture with the Ministry of Tourism.