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Radisson Launches Online Check-In Process

Radisson Hotels & Resorts today announced that it has launched “Express Yourself”, a new generation online check-in process that is now available at all its hotels and resorts in the Americas.At the core of this new expedited hotel check-in process, is the ability for guests to check in via the Web at their convenience and provide preferences in advance of their arrival, eliminating a lengthy check-in process and providing more control over their hotel experience. The new system was designed to support Radisson’s new brand strategy focused on identifying and enhancing key guest touch points and enabling choice.

“Express Yourself” features a three-step process. First, guests reserve a room via any Radisson booking process (Web site, call center, hotel direct or through a travel agent). Then, seven days prior to their visit, they will receive an e-mail inviting them to “express” themselves by checking in at the Radisson Web site ( Personal preferences might include the request for a specific room location (examples include proximity to elevators, high or low floor), high speed Internet access, enroll in the Gold Points Reward program or other special service requests.

Upon arrival, they only need to identify themselves at the front desk. They will promptly receive a key packet and hotel information—with no waiting and no hassles. Guests can utilize Express Yourself up until 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and at least two hours prior to check-in.

Guests selected preferences will be delivered automatically, every time they stay at a Radisson location.

“In the near future, guests will also be able to express their personal preferences for additional services such as newspaper, request an automatic wakeup call or room service order,” said Bj¿rn Gullaksen, Carlson Hotels Worldwide executive vice president and brand leader. “These features will be available to all guests, regardless of booking process.”


Gullaksen explained that each time guests book a new reservation, they can elect to modify or enhance their “Express Services” for the current trip.

“Radisson is taking a bold step to transform what consumer research has consistently shown as the least desirable experience in the hotel stay—standing in line for a slow check-in or slow check-out,” said Gullaksen. “We will never replace the human element of a friendly front-desk person, but “Express Yourself” will eliminate the paper work that has traditionally been the main focus point of todayÀs check-in process. By freeing our staff from these procedural restraints, they can now concentrate on welcoming the guest and getting them quickly to their room.”

Industry reports indicated that hotel companies continue to invest millions of dollars in designing and acquiring check-in kiosks to alleviate long lines at the front desk. Carlson HotelsÀ leaders, however, agree with the customer’s perspective - the best line is no line.

“Along with a quick check-in,” said Kris Lambrecht, program director for Express Yourself, “one of the primary objectives of the Express Yourself program is to deliver our Radisson ‘Yes I Can’ warm and engaging service culture and 100 percent Guest Satisfaction to every guest on every stay. Our company looked inside and then beyond the hotel industry to find a better, more innovative way to expedite these services and to immediately provide this higher level of service at every one of our hotels, rather than only at a minimal number of locations,” he added.

“Express Yourself” is just one facet of a well-charted, five-year plan to bring the new Radisson branding strategy and identity to life. The new strategy, one that company leaders call a “new way forward” to building a stronger and more distinct brand in an increasingly commodity-like industry, is focused on providing Radisson guests with more control over their travel experience by offering them the freedom to choose among relevant options.

“Radisson began to communicate its new brand positioning to consumers with a new advertising campaign that launched in the second half of 2003,” said Gullaksen. “The campaign slogan, ‘Stay Your Own Way,’ was created to speak directly to the independent mindset of today’s frequent travelers who want more control in their travel experience.”

Gullaksen said future elements of the new branding strategy are currently under development, but focus on identifying key guest touch points, and getting back to the basics of consistently delivering of a very good, full-service hotel guest experience.